I Need to be Straight Up With You

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A Message from Heather

A Message From Heather

I need to be straight up with you.

One thing I’ve gotten clear about over this past year is an even DEEPER understanding of my purpose.

I know that I am here to BE the bridge for spiritual coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs; to teach you how to effectively and profitably market your business without needing to sacrifice the very energy, your Soul, that makes you the amazing coach, healer or creative entrepreneur that you are.

There are people over the last year that told me I should NOT have this as the focus of my business.

They told me that this “population” is too hard to serve.

They told me that you are too stuck in your limited mindset and belief abilities.

They told me that I would exhaust myself by committing to coach you.


I am committed more than ever to my purpose. I know I have a gift. I know I have an ability to walk both worlds; to translate difficult marketing concepts into easy steps. I know how to communicate these easy steps to you in a way that honors all of your fears but doesn’t buy into them. I know how to take a coach or a practitioner who is convinced that they “can’t” and teach you to transform your beliefs so that not only do you believe that you can, but you DO.

And ask any of my clients, I POUR my heart and soul into my coaching and training. I show up 110%. I am not preoccupied with my own business while coaching you – YOU ARE MY BUSINESS.

But here’s the thing. This purpose of mine, this mission of mine… I cannot BE it alone. I’m not meant to.

I am meant to partner with YOU.

And because of this I need to be straight with you: ENOUGH.

  • Enough with complaining that you can’t be successful when you’re not willing to commit to receiving support.
  • Enough with your talk about the Law of Attraction as you speak the words, “I can’t afford it.”
  • Enough with your choice to stay comfortably miserable in the way you’ve been thinking, believing and speaking up until now that has brought you to where you are that you say you’re not happy with.


Continue to piecemeal together support and you will continue to get piecemeal results.

Continue to take little to no action and you will continue to get little to no results.

Continue to believe in your limitation and you will continue to experience limited results.


We are at an imperative place in our history right now. You do realize the important part you have the opportunity to play in this place, don’t you? We can go toward darkness or we can go toward light. The choice is ours. The choice is YOURS.

You do realize that doing what you’ve done, being how you’ve been up until now will contribute to the darkness, don’t you?

It isn’t 10 years ago.

It isn’t 20 years ago.

It’s NOW.

Now you choose differently and you say, “I am willing to take a risk. I am willing to invest myself in creating change. I am willing to feel the fear and BE IT ANYWAY. I am willing.”

Because ENOUGH.

Now is the time that you step forward and UP into your highest self even if you can’t see the guaranteed result (because FYI – that will NEVER be shown to you.)

Oh, and if you are now thinking, “Oh, easy for her to say. She’s got the success. She’s got the money …”

Let me just give you a snapshot of my past:

1) My mother died when I was fourteen. I’ve been working every day of my life since.

2) I created $75,000.00 in student loan debt because I thought I had to go to a fancy school to prove how worthy I was.

3) I lived through 9-11. One mile from ground zero. But I had to file bankruptcy 6 months later.

Just. To. Name. A. Few.

But rather than choosing to be defined by circumstances and live a life of limitation and “safety” I chose to create MORE:

More self-worth.

More ease.

More money.

More love.


And this is why I am making it SO easy for you to do the same. I am providing you with AFFORDABLE ground-breaking teachings, comprehensive programs and true-tested training tools that honor who you are here to BE while also giving you the practical application.

Because haven’t you had enough of all of this? Aren’t you done?


The extremely generous BE EnergyRICH® Training Intensive Early-Bird Payment Plan ends TONIGHT.

You’re joining us, aren’t you?


I give you my full word that I will give you my full being in support of your transformation and your success. I am here for you. But I cannot drag you over the threshold. The choice is yours.

With full love and blessings,

Heather Dominick

Heather M. Dominick,

EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success & Master Coach


P.S. Oh yeah, along with my full word that I will give you my full being in support of your transformation and your success… for the First 10 to register you will ALSO receive $100 EnergyRICH(R) Dollars to be applied to any future product or program purchase. This is my way of supporting you as you step forward and UP into your highest self.


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