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Winter In New York

“Celebrating Two Considerably Huge™ Markers With My Elite Master Mind 4 Members: Joanna Lindenbaum Who Received The
EnergyRICH® 100K Plus Award and Ginger Burr Who Received
The EnergyRICH® 200K Plus Award!”

What an amazing week of celebration it’s been here at EnergyRICH® Coaching HQ! On Monday I kicked off my new Elite Master Mind 4 program with a POWERFUL New Year Planning Day Meeting where we celebrated everything that was accomplished in 2011, set goals for 2012, magnetized those goals and then dove into the nitty-gritty of two of the most important outer systems you must have in place to bring about the big goals these Elites have set for themselves.

I surprised returning members Joanna Lindenbaum and Ginger Burr with EnergyRICH® Awards to celebrate the important income markers they each crossed (as you can see in the above photo). Both of spoke about the importance of the inner shifts they have made through our coaching together that supported them in being able to cross these marks that they each, at one point, did not see as possible. They also acknowledged that they are not the same entrepreneurs that they were even a year ago. Now, it isn’t the income that has changed them – let’s be very clear about this. It is because of the JOURNEY they had to take (and are continuing to take) and who they had to BE in order to meet these goals. So very proud of both of them!

Now, I am sure you can understand that I, personally, know this journey well. I continue to be amazed at the transformations I experience as I step UP and IN to each new and next level I go to in my business. If there is one thing I have come to know to the core of my core through my entrepreneurial journey, it’s not the outer systems that bring you to success; it’s who you choose to BE and who you BEcome each step of the way. The systems are super important (of course!) but they are the container that holds the energy of transformation and allows it to continue to grow and expand. They aren’t the THING that creates the success transformation. Feel the difference?

You might be wondering how you can have this winning inner and outer formula working for yourself … Well, I am actually going to be sharing IN-DEPTH training on this exact formula in an upcoming video training series. ALL as my GIFT to you. That’s right. FOR FREE :) Just keep your eyes on your inbox, ok? I’ll be ready to share all the access information in just a bit …

Now, on to today’s EnergyRICH® Insider Article!

Tapping into your uniqueness and THEN putting it into a clear system or process is KEY when sharing your offer to your potential clients both verbally and in all your marketing materials. This sets you up so you can clearly communicate the value of what you are here to offer, so much so that folks feel called to work with you (and even THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you!).

I’m so excited to share with you step-by-step how to leverage the MOST important asset you have to attract your ideal clients in today’s BRAND NEW EnergyRICH® Insider Secret Article. Enjoy!

Until then,


Heather M. Dominick,

EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success & Master Coach
and Creator of the “EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System™”


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