Spiritual Leader ProgramThe EnergyRICH® Spiritual Leader

For the Entrepreneur Who’s Ready to Own Her Place
as a Powerful Leader In Her Industry


lead•er n.
a person who guides or inspires others.


A healer, coach or heart-centered entrepreneur  •  extremely intuitive  •  extremely passionate  •  seen as a leader  •  building a team and have at least one virtual or in-person assistant  •  clear and focused with your marketing message  •  engaged with consistent marketing  •  receiving consistent referrals  •  the creator of a big message and you are ready to share it with the world in an above and beyond way  •  generating around $75K or more in your business

Your current struggles:

Taking your message to the next level  •  how to effectively and quickly grow your on-line community (your list) and/or referral network  •  how to effectively use joint venture partners  •  how to execute your big vision without burning out  •  how to go beyond basic marketing  •  how to effectively manage a team of utmost cost-effective productivity  •  how to release control  •  fear of losing your spiritual connection in exchange for business growth  •  you’ve hit a ceiling with your rates •  your life is out of balance; it’s all work, all the time and you can’t see a way out

Your Dire Needs:

Up-leveled marketing systems  •  expanding your community  •  leveraging partnerships  •  building and managing a supportive team so they make you more money  •  breaking through the 6-figure mark  •  having a greater connection with Soul and putting in place consistent practices so this connection supports you in going to the next level with greater ease  •  setting clear, strong boundaries  •  more time with friends and family •  stepping out with confidence and knowing all is well

Your EnergyRICH® Product Support Soul-ution™:

The EnergyRICH® Beyond Boot Camp: Mastering Marketing and Energy Management

The EnergyRICH® JV Success Secrets System

Your EnergyRICH® Coaching Program Support Soul-ution™:
As a SPIRITUAL LEADER What You Need in order to BE EnergyRICH®

The SPIRITUAL LEADER Private Mentor Program was created for results-oriented entrepreneurs who want to catapult their life purpose and jump the revenue in their business FAST. You are an individual who wants to learn more quickly than you ever would on your own, implement changes easily and remove all blocks in building a balanced business, while making more money than you make now – basically it is time for you to step up into being a powerful leader for your life, your business and those that you are meant to serve. This program creates outstanding results, quickly.

Get started by finding out more details about the EnergyRICH® Spiritual Leader Coaching program and connect for a private one-on-one call to see if this coaching program is the best match for you and what you need as your next steps to take your business to the next level. Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you right away.


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