Luminary ProgramThe EnergyRICH® Luminary Program

For the 6-Figure Entrepreneur Ready to Take Her Business
Into 7-Figures and Beyond


lu•mi•nar•y (lm-nr) lu•mi•nar•ies n. pl.
One that is an inspiration to others; one who has achieved success
in her chosen field; a leading light; a body that gives light to others.


A healer, coach or heart-centered entrepreneur  •  a person of high personal responsibility   •  a successful 6-figure+ entrepreneur, a Visionary  •  ready to step out onto the world stage and be seen and experienced as the influential light that you are  •  here to make a HUGE impact on the planet  •  ready to go to high levels of leverage and automation of your services  •  undertaking a large project like writing your first book or receiving high-level media exposure

Your current struggles:

Wondering, “What’s next?” You know it is something big, but you can’t quite see the vision clearly  •  you have a team in place, but you are sill “working in your business way too much”  •  your Considerably HugeTM vision can’t manifest because you do not have the infrastructure to support massive, quantum-leap growth  •  you still find yourself getting caught up in “Who do I think I am ?” and questioning “Can I really be this great?” and this slows your progress down  •  you can look like you’ve really go it together on the outside, but on the inside you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck and wonder how long you can sustain what it takes to be “successful”  •  business boundaries are blurry; you say “yes” when you mean to say “no”  and you find yourself thinking about your business during your downtime, a lot

Your Dire Needs:

An up-leveling of belief management and mindset (you are no longer a solo-entrepreneur; it’s time to begin operating from an entrepreneurial company energy)  •  inner and outer systems and structures that allow you to generate twice as much working half the time •  up-leveling your position within the market place (it’s time for you to be seen in an authentic, yet polished way.  You are a Luminary, after all; you are meant to shine.)

Your EnergyRICH® Product Support Soul-ution™:

The EnergyRICH® JV Secrets Success System

The EnergyRICH® “BE” In A Box Workshop System

Your EnergyRICH® Coaching Program Support Soul-ution™:
As a LUMINARY What You Need in order to BE EnergyRICH®

The LUMINARY Level program is an all-inclusive program structured so I am fully available, as your personal mentor, coach and consultant to guide you and plot a solid course for you to master the world of energy management, money, marketing, team building and high 6-figure to 7-figure plus business creation. You are my personal apprentice. I will be pulling back the curtain and giving you the full ins-and-outs of the marketing and operations for my own company in a way that is a match for what you desire to create for yours. This will be saving you YEARS of self-research, mistakes, and struggles.

I will be here to personally and lovingly expand you far beyond what you currently believe is actually possible and practically support you in creating the structure and modern marketing that will have you and your company being a beacon of light and service to many. Each step we take together will be aimed at simultaneously increasing high levels of integrity, visibility, and profitability.

Get started by finding out more details about the EnergyRICH® Luminary Coaching program and connect for a private one-on-one call directly with Heather to see if this coaching program is the best match for you and what you need as your next steps to take your business to the next level. Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you right away.


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