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My question is around leveraging my time in writing. The question is that I am writing and submitting 2 articles per month to a website, and I also write a weekly newsletter. I’m going to make some adjustments in my own newsletter and put some audio and video in there instead so I don’t burn out on having to write articles every week, but the question is: How do I best leverage my writing time? I’d like folks to eventually sign up for my newsletter and I want to avoid replicating and making the best use of my time.

~ Audrey

Heather’s Answer:

Great question. First, any belief that you have around people who may have found you in one location and then notice replication of your writing is truly a minimal concern. Here’s why. Most likely anybody who finds you on a website that you’re writing for, if they go to your website and join your community, the majority of them are going to be focused just on your community. That site has already done the work to bring them to you. They’re loyal to you and looking forward to receiving from you every week and they don’t have to go and find it because now it’s in their inbox.

I would use your online articles for your newsletter. What you can do is go a couple of different ways; you can maybe take the 2 articles you write for the website and then use those the next month in your newsletter, or if you’re still concerned about people finding you and then coming to your newsletter, use the articles in your newsletter first and then use them the following month for the online presence.

But I would definitely choose one or the other. My point is it doesn’t have to be right at the same timeframe; I would just make a choice – are you writing for your newsletter first or the online presence first? And maybe you do shorten it a little bit for your community or add something personal for your community so it’s more of a re-tweaking than a re-writing. Then what you can do is, as you start to build up your own database of material, even go back and take material that you’ve written and maybe take the first half of one article and put it together with the second half of another article – and then repurpose it that way.

Or you take the articles that you write for the online presence and turn them into more – what we say in EnergyRICH®, action sheets; maybe you make it more of an action-oriented piece for your newsletter. So half of it becomes an article and half becomes ‘Here are your action steps for the week’.

I’m giving you lots of combinations and there isn’t a right one. How you want to or choose to re-purpose and leverage the material is up to you, but the first goes back to the belief and the choice; this can be, must be, okay for it to be repurposed and reused.

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